Karyshma Equipment Rider for Concerts

The band consists of 7 musicians:

1.      Lead Female Vocals

2.      Violin/Acoustic Guitar/Secondary Vocals

3.      Keyboard/Flute/Secondary Vocals

4.      Electric/Acoustic guitar/Back-up Vocals

5.      Tabla Player (hand drums) / Electric Drum Pad

6.      Bass Guitar Player

7.      Drummer (5-7 piece kit)

The band has a strong focus on rock, improvisation, and Indian classical sounds.

Stage size

A stage big enough (at least 20 x 30) for 5 to 7 musicians


One table (18 24 high, 4 ft x 4 ft min.)

Sound System Needs

         6 mics (Shure SM 58s)

         Mic for guitar amp

         Mics for drum kit

         6-7 Direct Boxes (aka DI boxes)

         Enough mic stands: booms, goose, and snakes


         16 channel for outbound (house) sound with digital f/x, compression, and EQ with sweep-able mids

         5 stage monitors with separate monitor mix

         Appropriate power and output for a high-energy band


Other Rentals (Please consult the band manager for the final list)

         Guitar amp (Roland JC120 or Fender Twin)

         5 Piece Drum Kit (22 kick drum, snare, hi-hats, 2 toms, floor tom, 18 crash, 22 ride, 10 splash, associated pedals, stands, and throne)

         Bass Amplifier (12 cab min.)

         6-String Acoustic/Electric Guitar(s) (takamine, ovation, fender, taylor, martin or similar)


         A phone conversation with the sound engineer during the week of the concert

         A minimum of 3 hours for the sound check

         Pre and post-show assistance requested by the band for loading and breakdown help (2-3 people)

A Sample Stage Setting

The following is a rough representation, and not a scaled diagram
D: direct box (aka DI box), M: Microphone with a stand.