02/13/05   Antonian Theatre, Pitts
  02/05/05   Alwan for the Arts, NYC
  11/14/04   Fundraiser for Hart and Hand for Handicap, NYC
  10/31/04   Karyshma plays in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  09/19/04   The Middle East, upstairs with Vent (Click for a Review)
  04/30/04   Falu and Karyshma play at New York's Historic Club CBGB
  03/27/04   Karyshma plays in NY
  03/20/04   Karyshma plays in San Diego, CA
  03/19/04   Karyshma concert at the famed Bovard Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
  03/04/04   Karyshma rocks the house at Wellesley Univ, Boston (Click for a review)
  02/14/04   Karyshma concert in Miami, FL
  01/31/04   Karyshma concert in NYC, NY
  01/22/04   Falu sings with Yo Yo Ma (the Silk Road Project)
  01/03/04   Karyshma plays two concerts in Dallas, TX
  01/01/04   Karyshma releases its debut album: "Nearly Home"